Coat of Arms of Ukraine

Coat of Arms of Ukraine is one three main symbols of Ukraine along with Ukrainian flag and Ukrainian anthem. You can see Ukrainian Coat of Arms on coins, stamps, official documents, buildings and recently - on T-shirts and chevrons showing pride and support of Ukraine.

Trident has been a symbol of Ukraine since ancient times Archeologists found official documents of Ukraine stamped by a trident scam dates as far as the 10th century. Volodymyr the Great started making coins with his profile on one side and a trident on the other side.

A blue shield with a gold trident, Tryzub, is known to every Ukrainian, however there are many ways to describe its meaning. Many people see a symbol of Holy Trinity, other people see the word "Freedom" or "Воля" in Ukrainian.

Ukrainian trident has been a symbol of fight for freedom for over 10 centuries. During the times of the Soviet Union Ukrainian trident has been banned as a "nationalist" symbol. During the days of the Russian aggression Ukrainian flag and Ukrainian trident were the fist symbol Russians were trying to destroy at the occupied territories. Ukrainian flags were erected at the liberated towns and villages to identify the Ukrainian soil.

Life will win over death. Light will win over darkness.

Volodymyr Zelensky.