“The Crimean bridge for an encore!” Collectible Ukrainian Postage Stamps

$15.95 USD

In the same way as the myth of the unsinkability of the Titanic steamship, Russia built the myth that the Crimean bridge is a symbol of the eternal connection of the Ukrainian Crimea with russia. The Crimean bridge explosion is important not just as a damage to russia's supply lines but as a symbol of russian power destruction in the region.

In addition to the main plot, the stamp contains several interesting details and hints: a cigarette butt in the hands of the heroine, as evidence that recently the occupiers suffer a lot from smoking in prohibited placespassenger car of the occupiers, which drove into the abyss, losing looted washing machines and other goodsBayraktar that "accidentally" flew over the bridgea broken enemy tank, which was transported to the front by the occupiers as part of a convoy.

  • Size of the stamp 28х40 mm. Size of the stamp sheet – 110х146 mm.
  • Made in Ukraine. Shipped from a warehouse in Canada same day
  • $3 shipping

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