“Cross of Combat Merit” Sheet of 6 Collectible Stamps

$11.95 USD

In a solemn recognition of unparalleled bravery and heroic acts, Ukraine has introduced the Cross of Combat Merit, an esteemed accolade established by the President of Ukraine on May 5, 2022. This prestigious award is bestowed upon the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations, honoring those who demonstrate outstanding personal bravery, courage, or an extraordinary heroic act during combat missions under life-threatening conditions and in direct confrontation with the enemy. It also celebrates exceptional leadership in commanding troops during military personnel.

The Cross of Combat Merit is a symbol of honor and valor, intricately designed by Oleksandr Lezhnev. Made from silver with exquisite gilding, it features a straight equilateral cross, at the heart of which lies the Badge of the Princely State of Volodymyr the Great, symbolizing the enduring spirit and valor of Ukraine’s defenders.

Among the distinguished first recipients of this military decoration are General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Captain Vladyslav Kalievskyi, Sergeant Dariia Mazurenko, Lieutenant General Yevhen Moysiuk, and Colonel Oleksandr Okhrimenko. Their acts of bravery and leadership exemplify the qualities celebrated by this award.

The Cross of Military Merit’s design was crafted by Oleksandr Lezhnev, while Volodymyr Taran is credited as the creator of the related postal issuance.

  • Size of the stamp 30x40.5 mm. Size of the stamp sheet – 110x105 mm.
  • Made in Ukraine. Shipped from a warehouse in Canada same day
  • $3 shipping

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