New! Fighters of Evil Collectible Ukrainian Stamps

$8.95 USD


International allies keep supporting Ukraine. To strengthen its Air Force, Ukraine acquired the renowned F-16 jet fighter. Regarded as one of the most cost-effective jet fighters in the world, the F-16 could help shift the balance of power in Ukraine's favor, impacting the Russian-Ukrainian war. The F-16 has seen action in numerous conflicts, and is the most produced fourth-generation fighter jet to date, used in many countries. Maksym Palenko's "Fighters of Evil" stamp series symbolizes Ukraine's struggle for freedom, and pictures a knight in a trident helmet, symbolizing the Ukrainian army's courage in defending their homeland. The cover image portrays a fighter jet destroying the Moscow Kremlin, a symbol of the hostile empire.
  • Size of the stamp: 38x48 mm. Size of the stamp sheet: 110x145 mm. 4 stamps in block
  • Made in Ukraine. Shipped from a warehouse in Canada same day
  • $3 shipping fee

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