New! "Security Service of Ukraine" of the series "Glory to the Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine!" 5 Collectible Stamps

$12.95 USD

Honor those who sacrificed to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine with this special issue of five collectible stamps. "Glory to the Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine! Security Service of Ukraine" is a continuation of the "Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!" series presented by Ukrposhta in 2022. Ukraine owes much of its success to the Security Service and its tireless efforts to thwart enemies, spies, and collaborators, and investigate war crimes, both on the battlefield and digitally. The designs were created by honored Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Okhapkin, with the assistance of the Security Service of Ukraine.

  • Size of the stamp: 52x26 mm. Size of the stamp sheet: 103x103 mm. 5 stamps in block
  • Made in Ukraine. Shipped from a warehouse in Canada same day
  • $3 shipping fee

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