Ukrainian Folk Costumes of 6 Collectible Stamps

$8.95 USD

Step into a world of color and tradition with our exquisite Ukrainian Folk Costumes postage stamps collection! This specially curated sheet of six collectible stamps is a vibrant celebration of Ukraine’s rich heritage in textile art and national attire.

Each stamp is a testament to the diversity and artistry of Ukrainian regional dress, featuring intricate embroideries, festive colors, and traditional accessories that have been passed down through generations. From the lush, woven belts to the ornate headdresses, these stamps offer a glimpse into the soul of Ukrainian folklore.

Ideal for philatelists, cultural aficionados, and anyone with a love for folk art, this collection is more than just postage. It’s a narrative of history, identity, and pride conveyed through the medium of stamps. Send a letter adorned with one, or keep them as cherished keepsakes. Either way, these stamps will bring the spirit of Ukraine’s villages and celebrations right doorstep.

  • Size of the stamp 30x34 mm. Size of the stamp sheet – 100x140 mm.
  • Made in Ukraine. Shipped from a warehouse in Canada same day
  • $3 shipping

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