Ukrainian Homestead Sheet of 6 Collectible Stamps

$8.95 USD

Discover the warmth of Ukrainian hospitality right at your fingertips with our delightful collection of Ukrainian Homestead postage stamps! This charming sheet of six collectible stamps is a vibrant ode to the traditional Ukrainian household, celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of the country. Each stamp is a miniature masterpiece, showcasing a whimsical and colorful portrayal of a classic Ukrainian household.

Perfect for philatelists, lovers of folk art, or anyone who appreciates the joyful simplicity of rural life, these stamps are more than just a means of postage—they’re a journey through the Ukrainian countryside. Whether you’re sending a letter to a dear friend or adding to your collection, these stamps will bring a touch of Ukrainian cheer to any envelope.

  • Size of the stamp 34x22 mm. Size of the stamp sheet – 110x90 mm.
  • Made in Ukraine. Shipped from a warehouse in Canada same day
  • $3 shipping

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